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Photovox Technology's customers can take advantage of  two important activities.

Cartier Replica


Research & development

Our Engineering Department uses constantly updated procedures and softwares...


High-precision assembly

Photovox Technology can carry out extremely high-accuracy mechanical machining operations


Money Checkers

Photovox Technology grants assistance for the money checkers Verifive and Photosmart.


Why choose Photovox Technology

An important partner for important projects


We are a spin-off of the historic company PHOTOVOX S.r.l., for this reason we can boast a know-how of over sixty years in the field of magnetic sensors.


We work with established partners such as AUTOSTRADE PER L 'ITALIA and GAVIO GROUP AUTOSTRADAL SECTOR to name just a few and it is in our DNA to innovate through the research and use of new technologies.


We are a fast and flexible company close to the needs of the customer who can produce a single custom piece up to thousands of pieces, from the customized product to the standard product.


Thanks to the partnership with historical companies like ELEX (leader in the field of access control) our components are present at CERN in Geneva and in prestigious Italian industrial plants.


We create and design products on commission relatively quickly

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Professional Magnetic Heads Butterfly
PHOTOVOX TECHNOLOGY is proud to show you the Top of the line of Audio recording and playback butterfly magnetic heads. 2 TRACKS PLAYBACK BUTTERFLY MAGNETIC H
Magnetic Materials
Photovox Technology's can supplier magnetic materials like Mumetal or M1040 for shielding application on Motors or power supply or anyother device that required


PHOTOVOX TECHNOLOGY S.r.l. was founded in 2014 as a manufacturing Company in the field of magnetic sensors and electronic equipment, our target is to carry on a technological tradition that has its roots in the Italian industrial history.
We are a spin-off of the historic PHOTOVOX Company S.r.l. This is why we have a know-how of over 60 years and great skills in the field of magnetic sensors.

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